Remember The Mike Tyson Fight Where He Bit Off Holyfield’s Ear?

Hindsight Is 20 – 20

Continuing with our series of posts intended to share the details of stories from the past month or two of our lives, this brings us to the epic battle between Six Pack and Spice. And to be honest, this is one story we’re glad we didn’t immediately write a post about. Erin and I both were unsure about how to treat the situation with a foster greyhound having been involved. We were also both very stressed from the whole ordeal. And were trying to deal with the immediate health consequences from the fight. As you’ll find out by the end of this post though, this story does have a happy ending as well as a little comic relief that just took a few weeks for us to find the humor in.

We wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone who reads this is familiar with this story. Erin and I had never had a foster greyhound and one of ours ever get into a fight this combative before. Initially, because so many of our friends were familiar with both dogs, we wanted to tell everyone on social media what happened between the two of them. We quickly realized that our knee jerk reaction to divulge details so soon after the incident could have possible detrimental effects on finding foster Spice a forever home. So at the strong recommendation of the Prison Greyhounds president, we quickly pumped the breaks on releasing a lot of details on the altercation.

We should have known when we saw Six Pack give Spice the evil eye that they were going to have words.

That was about two months ago and time heals all wounds…well most of them. Six Pack still has sensitivity when you pet him around the neck. So if you see him anytime soon, try to resist the urge to pet him around the head and neck area. We know that may be hard to do when he looks at you with his big toothless smile and wagging tail, but even we are more cautious of that area.  We also received a lot of help from Prison Greyhound’s president, Mary, with managing Spice’s energy and anxiety post fight. If we had known that a month and a half later this was how things were going to turn out, we probably wouldn’t have lost so much sleep as we did.

Past Altercations

A lot of people have nicknames for their pets. Callie is Callie Lynn Jesswein when she’s done something wrong. Otherwise, she’s Sweetheart or Baby when she’s acting affectionate towards us. Six Pack on the other hand is Fatty or Chunky Butt when he’s looking a little heavy. When he’s acting really goofy or happy we like to call him Six Pack Attack…or just Pack Attack for short. The origins of the name date back to a couple of Six Pack’s homes before he landed a permanent spot in our house.

From having fostered Six Pack multiple times, we were fully aware that he sometimes didn’t “play” nice with other greys. Most of it had to do with the fact that he rarely has control of his body and often times gets into other dog’s space. That’s why I was a little surprised when after mowing the lawn one afternoon, I found Spice had escaped his ex-pen and was missing a chunk of fur from his back. Knowing Six’s history, I assumed he was responsible and added extra carabiners to Spice’s ex-pen.

One Sided Fight

Much like Evander Holyfield didn’t see Mike Tyson biting off his ear, I don’t think Six Pack nor Spice expected the other to attempt so many face bites.  The fight started when we let Callie, Six Pack and Spice outside together after Erin and I returned from dinner. This had been routine for a couple of weeks at that point in time. This time though, Six Pack was even more wound up than usual. He peed quicker then Spice did, so as Spice finished doing his business, Six Pack was sprinting around the backyard. I should have intervened and calmed Six down but I didn’t and by the time Six had slowed to be let inside, Spice had run up on him and the battle royal had begun.

Thankfully, none of the lacerations hit an artery

Neither dog wanted to leave the other alone. And since both dogs were seventy plus pounds, keeping them separated was near impossible. It could only have been about ten seconds of brawling, but it felt like minutes. Especially since I had been yelling for Erin’s help since the start.  By the time I had both dogs by their collars and was trying to assess the situation, Erin flings open a window facing the back patio. “I’m using the bathroom for goodness’ sake!” I’m censoring with the use of goodness by the way.

The Aftermath

My first thought once help arrived (thanks Erin!) was to check Spice for injuries. Mary would kill us if a foster was injured under our watch! Spice checked out, so we put him in his pen and turned our attention to Six Pack. The worst injuries were on his ear. So when he would shake his head, blood would fly everywhere. Aside from the bloody mess on his ears, we were concerned about a mass on his neck. We felt we could probably stop most of the bleeding ourselves. However, if the swollen mass on Six’s neck was actually blood pooling, he would be in trouble.

What better way to spend a Friday night!

VCA Fishers did an incredible job of patching up our boy. The mass on the neck, just muscular swelling. All things considered, we’re lucky they didn’t critically hurt one another. New challenges arose though. We were Spice’s fifth home and because he was normally lovable towards us and we were aware of his downfalls, we didn’t want to rehome him. So how do we create an environment where Spice and Six can coexist?

We were frustrated the incident occurred because Spice was otherwise one of our favorites.

This meant being let outside separately, a lot of alone time in their crates, and separate walks to blow off steam. With some help from Mary and a lot of patience, however, we made it work. Things became easier knowing a finish line was in sight. Because shortly after the incident, we were told of a family that was interested in adopting Spice!

Chicks dig scars…….and Six Pack has plenty!

Every foster grey has left their mark on the Jesswein family. Spice’s mark(s) are just a little more recognizable. We told you there’d be a happy ending! Spice is living his best life in South Carolina with very little crate time and plenty of toys to himself. Six Pack has grown most of his hair back on his neck, his new scars match his existing ones, and he dare not pick a fight with a grey since. Both of them have a story to tell now and so do we!

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