The Spider Tattoo And The Greyhound List

A Lonely Spider

I can’t speak to what teenagers now consider to be popular, unique, or even cool. Do kids even use the word “cool” anymore? I don’t know, but as a teenager, I thought tattoos were cool.  And when I was seventeen, I was aware of only a handful of kids at school that had tattoos.  To be honest, I believe most, if not all of them, were already eighteen years old – the legal age to get a tattoo without parental consent.  But I didn’t want to wait until I turned eighteen that following March.  As a swimmer, I would have the chance to show off my brand new tat to the girls swim team almost daily.  So I made a deal with my mother.  The details escape me twenty years later, but I think it had something to do with my report card.  Nevertheless, I won the deal and my mother gave consent for me to get an underage tattoo. The only additional stipulation was that my mom got to pick out the tattoo.  I know what you’re probably thinking – and trust me, this wasn’t the smartest deal I ever made. It took almost 20 years for me to own up to the fact that I now have a one inch spider just above my left elbow. That’s right…she picked a spider. No web. Not even a real badass of a spider. Just a spider.

Even more amusing is the placement…..just low enough that it can be seen when wearing a T-shirt! Ah youth!

“You’re On The Couch If You Dare Get A Tattoo Of Me!”

Those that know me best, know that I’m not one to get a tattoo of a girl’s initials or heaven forbid a girl’s face!  Erin has made it vehemently clear that if I was ever to do so with her image or name that I would be flirting with a semi-permanent sleeping arrangement on the couch.  So a running joke with Erin and me is when we get in an argument, and we can’t resolve it, I’m running to a tattoo parlor and having her face and name in “old English” script tattooed on my back. I find it hilarious. Erin does not. So, after having Callie for a couple years, I decided to try and jokingly leverage getting a Callie tattoo in our fights.  Shockingly, Erin wasn’t opposed! That totally backfired! I hadn’t really had the itch to get any additional tattoos for quite sometime.  Don’t get me wrong – a lot of guys have greyhound tattoos. There’s nothing at all wrong with that and some of the tattoos turn out really well.  It’s just that getting a tattoo of Callie’s face on my skin just wasn’t my jam. However, Callie’s identification number….that was different. That sounded kind of cool.  I liked the idea of having the same tattoo as Callie, just not having it put in my ear.

Callie showing off her tattoos!

It started with Callie’s ID numbers on my right arm. I had her numbers etched under another tattoo I had recently gotten to cover up a teenage mistake. So, fast forward to about a year ago when Erin suggested that I consider getting another tattoo. We had been trying to come up with a way of remembering all the dogs that we had fostered. She suggested the ID numbers of all of the greyhounds that we had over the years… that point, some 25-30 dogs!

Props to Erin for tracking down each of our foster dog’s numerical identifiers.

However, I didn’t want Callie’s number to get mixed in with all of the fosters, as awful as that sounds as I’m writing this.  She was special and deserved her own special ink.  Erin, in her infinite tattoo wisdom (she has none of her own by the way) told me I should I try to make a spider web out of the ID numbers.  Trust me, I was fully aware that a couple of my tattoos were rather unfortunate. But for some reason I was always putting off getting the obvious tattoo fix of a web around my lonely little arm spider. God works in funny ways sometimes, because apparently I had been procrastinating on the web tattoo just to buy enough time to foster a truck load of greyhounds and have their identification numbers incorporated in it!

“Did You Plan That?….Callie’s Going To Be Angry!”

With a small design that Erin found on Pinterest in hand, we arranged a consultation with an artist at a reputable tattoo parlor I had visited before. Our only problem was that the artist was too afraid he wouldn’t be able to get the numbers small enough to fit all 35 greyhound’s five digit ID numbers. So, after asking around, we found another artist at a shop on Mass Ave that was willing to give it a try. The final design that he came up with (with the help of Erin’s Pinterest pic) was exactly what we wanted. It only took him about two hours to complete, and because it was on my shoulder, it was virtually painless.

The design, as you can see from the picture, has a strand of web dropping down from the main web and connecting to the spider. The last number that’s connected to the spider is 61798. The artist was told that the order of the numbers was not important. And he just so happened to pick 61798 to put as the last one.  This number just so happened to be the most special one to me, as that was Six Pack’s ID number! Because we never fostered Callie, she only has one set of numbers on my right arm.  However, since we fostered and then adopted Six Pack, his ID digits are located on my right arm underneath Callie’s and also as the last connecting numbers to the spider. It seems only fitting, don’t you think?

Now if only I could get Erin to look at me so adoringly!


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  1. Sheral Litell Reply

    Great story and a wonderful way to remember your greyhounds as you give them a peaceful resting place on their journey to their forever homes.

  2. Katherine Dill Reply

    Yay! I love this. And Six has a special place!! ❤️❤️❤️

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