You Can’t Spook The Mook!

Mookie Makes The Heart Melt

We mentioned in our last post that every year we have to complete at least fifteen hours of continuing education through DCS to stay certified. At the most recently attended training, we partnered up and each person had to draw a feelings card. We would take turns trying to determine the other person’s feeling solely based on the expression on their face – no sounds or gestures allowed. It sounds simple, but when you include moods such as cranky, sad, frustrated, etc., you realize it can be a little more complicated then expected. The point of the exercise was to show how difficult it can be to communicate a mood or feeling based solely on a facial expression. We actually find this to be true, even in greyhounds. Even though on the surface greyhounds essentially have three looks: “I’m sorry”, “I’m happy”, and the all too common with Six Pack “What?!”, we’ve always believed there are countless other feelings that they may have but can’t convey with a simple look.

Mookie models his “I’m happy              foster mom is home” facial                            expression

Mookie’s extremely versatile…here    he is with his “I’m tired and don’t       want to be photographed” look.

And finally….Mookie’s ode to                  Zoolander “Blue Steel”

Mookie also had the “I’m sorry” look – that sad, puppy dog expression, down to a tee! Arguably, most greys we’ve come across have mastered this look, but Mookie is the Jedi knight of the “I’m sorry” face.

Mookie’s “Sorry” Face…or tattletale face if Six Pack is up to no good!

Every time we would turn around, whether he had done something wrong or not, he had that look about him.  It was surprisingly nice to come home to Mookie’s face after he spent two days at Dr. Carter’s recovering from a tooth and testicle extraction.  We expected more of a “how could you do this to me??” look, but there it was: that “I’m sorry” face on Mookie’s when we got home.

Because Mookie was a last minute addition to the haul, we didn’t have time to get him vetted down in Florida.  Our group president, Mary, had gotten a call that they had a dog down in the kennel who wasn’t doing very well.  He wasn’t gaining weight, and they thought he was stressed by the environment.  So they asked if we would want to take him.  Of course, we said yes.  We knew he was a baby – only a year and a half, and never raced.  He was a gorgeous dark brindle color and a bit of a kennel favorite.  Once we had medical records, we made his appointment at the vet, and waited for his arrival.

Is There A Greyhound Look For “My Tooth Hurts”?!

Unfortunately for Mookie, we were at a Notre Dame football game on the day he arrived in Indiana.  Thankfully, one of our wonderful volunteers was able to bathe him, feed him, and let him rest overnight before we could come and pick him up.  Once he was in our home, we knew two things.  He was adoringly sweet, and he didn’t like to eat.

Mookie looked tiny next to “chunk butt” Six Pack. But he quickly started packing on some pounds.

We don’t normally allow human food for foster dogs, but in Mookie’s case, he was rapidly losing weight, so everyone agreed to let him eat whatever he wanted.  The poor boy just needed nutrients – in whatever way we could get them into him.  So we cooked up a concoction of brown rice, ground beef, peas, carrots, and beef broth and poured a heaping spoonful over a tiny bit of dry kibble.  Shockingly, he ate it.  Not much at first, but as the days went on, he ate more and more dry food mixed in with the wet food we made for him.  Thankfully, he slowly started to gain back the weight he lost from those first few days.

The day of Mookie’s dental went by shockingly fast.  It felt like he was only there a short time, and we got a call from Dr. Carter letting us know that Mookie was out of surgery and recovering nicely.  He said the neuter was uneventful, but he had to extract a tooth when he performed his dental.  He explained that Mookie must have really chomped down on something hard because he had a broken tooth.  Once we heard that, we knew that was the cause of him not eating!  It all made complete sense now.  Sure enough, the day after he came home, he was eating like a champ.

Mookie the chameleon, trying to       hind from us before the vet visit

Sans One Tooth, Mookie Meets His Forever Family….And Is Whole!

What Mookie didn’t know at that time, was that he had a family waiting for him to heal from his surgery.  He had been adopted!  We just needed to keep him a couple of days to make sure everything was ok, and sure enough, it was.  So, on a Thursday evening, we went to Metazoa to meet Mookie’s new family.

Mookie was so excited to meet his       forever family, he wouldn’t stop                        pacing.

They already had a smaller dog in their home, so they wanted to make sure the two pups got along before making the adoption final.  To nobody’s surprise, Mookie was great with their dog.  So after just a short time, Mookie hopped in the car and headed to his forever home – mom, dad, Mookie, and Follie.

Mookie and Follie doing what              siblings do……nap together!

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