Brood Mama Delli and “A” Take Over!

This Is “A”

Erin and I wanted to challenge ourselves. We wanted a foster child that would challenge us. Mission accomplished!

This is “A”

“A” is sassy. “A” is a little fish in the pool. “A” is shy. “A” is honest. “A” loves the color pink and something called LOL dolls.  “A” prefers Callie over Six Pack. And “A”s situation is one that breaks our heart, but hopefully if everything plays out well, has the potential to also be heart warming.

How Else Would You Spend A 4 Day Weekend?!?!

We have the absolute best family and friends. And amongst some of the clothes and toys that they graciously donated to “A” was a pink scooter.  And since “A” didn’t have school on Friday or Monday this weekend, she spent her 4 day weekend either in the pool, at Graeters Ice Cream Shop or scooting around the neighborhood.

It’s hard not to post the video of her hitting some grass and her epic wipeout….but we don’t want to embarrass her.

Delli The Diva Approves

So in addition to having “A” running around and completely turning Six Pack and Callie’s world upside down, we also have our foster greyhound Delli keeping everyone in the Jesswein house on their toes!

Delli’s no angel! Her nose has gotten her in a little trouble on more then one occasion.

So Far…So Good Great!

It’s only been a week with both “A” and Delli, so things could change, but we don’t see that happening.  The big win is that both sleep through the night extremely well. Both listen and respond (most of the time) to us.


She’ll sleep anywhere and loves belly rubs, butt scratches, and playing outside.

It’s been interesting to watch Delli act motherly around “A”. She’s protective of “A” and wants to follow her around everywhere! Based on previous experiences, we knew that Six Pack and Callie would do fine around the foster children. But watching not only a foster grey but a brood mama grey interact with a foster child has gone really well.

Both “A” and Delli love showing affections towards Erin

It’s only been a week but we have a feeling in the coming days and weeks we’ll have lots of stories and experiences to share with everyone. This post is just a sampling and all we really had time for as we’re both running on about 3 hours of sleep and the Notre Dame game is about to start.


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  1. Angela Stearns Reply

    Such a great post! I’m so excited for you all and am sending prayers and love your way everyday!! ❤️

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