Money Finds His Forever Home

Money’s Still Available?

We picked Money up on rainy day in Lafayette, Indiana where he had been staying for a couple months. His foster family loved him dearly, but had a bit of a life change that made caring for three dogs difficult.  So, we picked him up and his story with us starts there. 

We found out pretty quickly that Money was personable when he made friends at the brewery we took him to that day. Knowing how well he did in a completely foreign place with two strangers, we knew he would “show” well.  Each month, Prison Greyhounds hosts various Meet and Greets all over the city to try to educate people about the breed and our organization.  We encourage foster families to bring any available foster dogs to these events so potential adopters can get to know the dogs.  To no one’s surprise, Money was a hit at the Nora PetPeople Meet and Greet where he spent a rainy morning with his new greyhound friends Dixie and Oreo. Money also attended an event at Metazoa Brewing Company the next weekend. There he would help Erin and me receive a Prison Greyhounds record in donations. I guess you could say Money really brought in the money that day!

Money Makes Himself At Home

Money didn’t discriminate when it came to stealing shoes.  Erin and I have a stack of shoes by the back door that are primarily used for yard work or to briefly run out and fill the compost. The collection, at a minimum, will consist of my worn down flip flops from 10 years ago, my smelly running shoes, Erin’s grass stained yard shoes, and usually some random socks and sneakers.  At least 3-4 times during the day you could check the back door shoe stack and find at least one shoe missing, no matter if it was Erin’s or mine.  The first place we learned to look was one of the several dog beds laid out in the living room. Our first thought was that this was a text book greyhound “collector” habit.  (Some greyhounds have a habit of “collecting” things.  They’ll take something, usually that smells like their owner, and bring it back to their bed with them.) It was either that or he really enjoyed the smell of our feet! Most times, his shoe stealing was quite adorable. Especially when Erin and I would be in the kitchen, with the backdoor in our view, and he would ever so quietly sneak over to the door and apprehend a shoe, proceed through our galley kitchen with shoe in mouth, without being detected. Or when one of us would catch him with not only a shoe, but a sock that had been stuffed inside of the shoe. Other times, we would find one of our nicer shoes laying in the hallway or dining room. I believe this was just his way of reminding us to put our shoes in the bedroom closet, where they belong!


I’ll admit, having Money did make us a little nervous every now and then.  For starters, one word – zoomies!  Zoomies are when the dogs run around the house, as fast as they can, trying to burn off excess energy.  It is cute when you have a tiny dog that can barely outrun a human.  It is terrifying when your dog can outrun a car.  Our living room hardly has the space for one dog to do zoomies, let alone three.  That’s why, whenever Money would get riled up and wanted to play with either Callie or Six Pack by running around the living room, we were quick to put a stop to it.  Outside zoomies around the pool were a little easier to monitor but nonetheless nerve-wracking.  Neither Six Pack nor Money really watch were they are going when they are running as fast as they can.  So what would happen is Money, being the faster of the two, would start streaking down and back in our backyard. At first, Six Pack would attempt to keep up, but after being left in his dust after about 2 laps, Six corrected the issue by turning around and just running at Money head on.

Money in the background, Six Pack in the foreground after “Backyard Zoomies”

I wish I could say that we only saw them “bump” heads once, but that would be a lie.  The two numbskulls regularly cracked skulls either doing zoomies, running up the stairs to the back porch, or trying to smell the dog food being put into their bowls at meal time. However, the most nervous we got was probably when Money was taken in for a dental cleaning and to get several vaccination shots. Greyhound anesthesia is very tricky, even for an experienced greyhound vet, so anytime we have a pup go under, it is scary.  To make matters worse, Six Pack still hasn’t forgiven us for taking him in for a dental and him waking up without his two bottom teeth. But thankfully there were no extractions with Money and he even got a nail trim out of the ordeal thanks to Carter Veterinary Medical Center. And I’ll just chalk it up to the anesthesia, that Money didn’t talk to me for nearly three days after the procedure (me being the one that drove him to the vet).


When it came to space issues, Money only had one, he didn’t care about space issues! Case in point when Erin would be working in her office and Money would lay his head directly on her lap. Or how fearless he was roaching only inches from Six Pack and Callie, both dogs who take issue with other dogs violating their “safety zone.” He also made several attempts at getting on one of the couches to be closer to us.  He was sadly disappointed when we pulled him off the couch, as fosters are not allowed on any furniture.

Money Goes Home

As much as we loved having a little extra Money in our lives, we knew that his time was way overdue.  He had been a foster dog for nearly six months.  The guy deserved a home.  Thankfully, the Prison Greyhounds Meet and Greets worked.  A lovely young couple came to not one, but two separate events, specifically to meet Money.  After they completed the approval process, Money was officially adopted.  And just like that we were foster-free…for a night at least.  But we’ll save that story for next time.

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  1. Nicole McAleer Reply

    Thank you for all of your hard work and care for him – it’s made his transition into our home that much easier. He is such a sweetheart, and more of his personality is showing each day! We are so in love.

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